Sharing is Caring - The Xctra Motto

Xctra Shopping, Sharing is CaringThe Xctra Buyer's Club has clearly stated their motto that drives the program as a much needed service.  Technology needs to offer more than efficiencies and profits.

The Xctra Buyer's Club concept is an amazing personal and community reward system.  As America, and the world, faces strong inflation, troubled supply chain problems, and economic perils; we all need some better solutions.

Honestly, how many people can buy enough gold or silver to possible protect against the pending economic perils?  What we all need to protect is our ability to buy or acquire what we need in troubled times.

The Xctra Buyer's Club is a cooperative project that includes businesses and consumers in a easy-to-use system that allows people and businesses to use digital and cryptocurrency to create a non-cash exchange system that lessens the impact of inflation.  When comparing gold or silver to Xctra trade credits, merchants and consumers will discover that trade credits work better than ever expected.

Using the free Xctra phone app, customers collect Xctra trade credits with every purchase.  Participating stores and businesses easily sign onto the system and quickly discover that the Xctra system attracts more customers, promotes more sales, and are actually much better than discounting prices.  This is the B2C aspect that allows businesses to attract new customers and reward customer loyalty.  B = Business, C = Consumers.

The same Xctra trade credits are used in a B2B non-cash method of paying for products and services, often referred to as barter.

Consumers can post offers on the Xctra market for C2C where items can be exchanged for Xctra trade credits that are easily spent at local stores or on other items on the Xctra market.  Businesses can post offers on the Xctra market to reach both a local and national audience.  

Consumers can download the free Xctra app and earn $100 in trade credits by viewing three 8 minute explainer videos.  They earn more trade credits with each visit to a participating store or business.  The Xctra app makes non-cash trading with digital and cryptocurrency very simple and very practical to businesses and consumers.

Currently, the Xctra system is seeking great business-oriented groups who want the next generation of business marketing that strengthen local businesses with high-tech and powerful tools that ignore inflation and protect the local economy.   Xctra Buyer's Club