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If you think that pushing large volumes of ozone is the best solution, we have a better solution.  We destroy the problem with ozone, then we destroy the source with probiotics.  Ozone is great, but the combination of two-level treatment is safer and offers lasting impact.

We love ozone, but ozone is "Topical" but probiotics actually go below the surface to digest the hidden threat.  Though ozone solves the problem, we disagree with ozone promoters pushing huge ozone generators and treatments taking 4-24 hours to solve.  Over-treatment will EMBED the ozone smell that lingers for months.  

OZONE ADVISORY:  The National Ozone Association recommends ozone treatments of 2-4 hour maximum,
and has also endorsed the follow-up treatment of probiotics as a more effective solution.

 Since ozone is topical, adding probiotic post-treatment will erode the actual source, destroy the protective film, and reach where ozone cannot.  When a proper ozone treatment is followed by a probiotic treatment, the results are far superior and have enduring value.

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