The Better Form of Cryptocurrency

Troptions (Trade Options) are the simplest form of cryptocurrency.  You cannot earn them by mining, and there is no ICO for investors to snap up for maximum profits.  Troptions get their value by the growth of their use in barter and trade for goods and services instead of fiat currency.  Cryptocurrency is a bold new world that seems alien and complex to most people. 

While most cryptocurrencies are either Proof of Work (mining) or Proof of Stake (investing), Troptions are far more practical.  Troptions are actually a "Proof of Use" coin that has value for its use.   In other words, they are meant to be spent or traded to get whatever you want without spending 100% cash.  In this day of pernicious inflation; trade, exchange, or barter is not only legal ... it is smart because Troptions tend to increase in value while most currencies lose buying power.

Buy Anything with Cryptocurrency

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