Getting Started

We offer you a choice of $100 extra value ($1100) in Troptions or $2000 in Xctra PTS points.  Both types of cryptocurrency trade credits are intended to be used for trade exchanges or barter.  The PTS credits are used on the Xctra CryptoBarter marketplace, and can be spent and earned by local stores and businesses in many communities.

Buy Troptions

Buy Trade Credits

Your not on your own to discover the power of trading cryptocurrency for nearly anything you need.  Yes. Troptions will vary from day to day and have a solid history of growth in value if your strategy is to grow the asset.  However, Troptions are more dynamic and powerful than most people realize.  Experienced Troptions owner have used Troptions to buy a vast array of goods and services.  

Start with the free Troptions training videos on this website.  Take the test at the end of the training and receive $100 in Troptions for your commitment.

Then, if there is no Xctra Buyer's Club in your area, we will show you how to turn a fantastic hobby into constant income and growing wealth with trade options.