About Troptions

Everyone knows about cryptocurrency by now.  Cryptocurrency is considered the "Alternative Currency" that is transferred over something called the "Blockchain Network."  These cryptocurrencies are changing the way we think of money.  Instead of paper money we hold or keep in banks, cryptocurrency is held by the owner in a secure wallet that has a unique code.  Anyone can send or receive cryptocurrency over the blockchain system.

Troptions are different, and frankly more practical in real life applications.  Troptions are actually a "Trade Option" that doesn't startout or work like the other cryptocurrencies.  There are three basic ways to benefit from cryptocurrency

  • Proof of Contact  (Known as mining cryptocurrency as part of the Blockchain system)
  • Proof of Stake (You Buy into the coin during the ICO or from another coin holder)
  • Proof of Use  (You use the coin for trade, barter, or exchange)

Troptions are "Proof of Use" tokens and there is no mining of Troptions.  You get Troptions by an initial purchase, and you can increase your crypto holdings by the wise and smart use of the trade option between persons and businesses.  Use Troptions to sell inventiory and goods that you no longer need.  And, use Troptions to buy what you need without using 100% cash.

There are many ways to use Troptions to build wealth.  The three most common methods are:

  1. "Buy and Hold" this asset that has a history of great growth,
  2. Use within a growing network (ecosystem) of other trade/barter participants
  3. Add Troptions to your balance sheet to get loans and lines of credit.

Breaking Free of Money Mentality:  You may have limited dollars, but money is not the only tradable asset.  We can buy with gold and silver.  We can trade a car for a boat.  We can pay for a luxurious meal by painting a sign for the restaurant.  When you discover that you have more to offer than money, the adventure begins.

Solving the Technology Divide

Cryptobarter AppWe are in the era of the "Wild West of Cryptocurrency", but the market has matured and become a vital part of commerce and life.  Unless you are hyper-technical enough to understand and use this technology, you will miss out on the next wealth transfer.  90% of people are ill-prepared to understand the many types, coins, and uses of cryptocurrency.  The Xctra market brings all this down to one simple app on your phone that allows you to "Save your Cash and Buy what you need by Exchanging Digital currency."

We show you how to earn digital money whenever you buy something, and that provides a reserve of digital money to spend instead of cash.  It is as simple as buying a pizza or buying a new ring.  If you have acquired PTS credits from other purchases, you can apply them toward the next purchase.  Keep your cash for other things, and spend your Lextra points.

If someone is passionate enough to organize as an "Xctra Buyer's Club" some amazing synergies start to happen as people and business discover tools and opportunity to avoid the problems of inflation and create a robust flow of business ... even in hard times.