Terms and Policies of the CryptoTrade Bank

WE BELIEVE IN PRIVACY OF INFORMATION:  We do not sell your information.  In fact, we keep very little information during our processes.  Exchanges are made over the blockchain network or secure independent services that we do not control.  Therefore, we basically provide educaiton and access to the trade exchange community.

CRYPTOCURRENCIES VARY IN VALUE:  There is a measure of risk with any currency, and cryptocurrencies of all types have risks.  It is obvious that cryptocurrencies go up and down in value, so we cannot promise returns or the future of any economy.  Like stock, the owner of cryptocurrency takes all the risk and must protect the security of their assets.

FUNGIBILITY OF CRYPTOCURRENCY:  Some coins or tokens (like NFTs) are not fungible meaning they do not immediately exchange for other cryptocurrency or convert to cash.  While we expect that there will be more exchange platforms, there are other ways to exchange your crypto by peer-to-peer trade of exchanges.  This is a process like barter where many have found that they can negotiate deals with others to do a trade exchange for nearly anything they want.

TROPTIONS ARE CONSIDERED by a successful SEC court case not to be a security or financial instrument.  They are a trade asset in lieu of cash whereby willing parties can freely trade them as trade equivalents.  As a trade equivalent, trade assets work similar to gold or silver that can be exchanged for another asset without being governed by the SEC or banking regulations

TAXATION OF TRADE OPTION are a passive event that does not realize profit or loss until finally disposed or sold.  At the point of liquidation, the actual cost of the item is deducted from the final cash sale to reveal any potential loss or gain.

NO PROMISES, GUARANTEE, OR ASSURANCES are made concerning any cryptocurrencies, crypto assets, trade exchanges, or their performance.  The information on this site is mostly developed for training, support, opinions, and related news.  The exhange of Troptions or trade credits are typical peer-to-peer exchanges to provide a central resource for any interested party to participate in cryptocurrency, trade exchanges, and crypto barter.