What is Crypto Barter?

Crypto Barter with CryptoCurrencyCrypto barter is yet another road to explore in the new world of Cryptocurrency.  Cryptocurrency can digitally accomplish everything that cash can do, but is capable of doing it more efficiently and greater speed.  For example banks have sped up their process with computer and Internet-aided services, but cryptocurrency has no tellers, no need for ATMs, or cash back during a purchase.

Regardless of the banking elite, cryptocurrency is here to stay and cash mongers fear that there operations will do the way of 8 track tape players and CDs as people now eagerly learn to buy music, art, and even stock with NFTs and cryptocurrency.

So, lets talk about crypto barter.  Consider that currency did not exit for a very long time.  People traded goods and services which is basic barter 101.

Even when coins were eventually stamped out, they were silver and gold and later copper and even steel.  Coins are as valueless as the metal they are made from except for the belief that they can exchange (barter) using the medium of coins to fractionalize and buy things in a much larger arena than among their neighbors.