Troptions Hits High after High

Cryptocurrency ProfitsTroptions is unlike most cryptocurrencies because their price is based on actual trades and participation.  If the valuation of Trotions were compared to an buying in an auction or a retail store.  In an auction, the price is a matter of buyer enthusiasm and whatever the price of the top bid.  The price may not be based on the actual value but on what speculators are willing to pay.  In the end, an auction sale may come in too low or too high.  

I recently tried to buy a cryptominer system for the IOT and found that demand was so great that eBay machines were literally ten times more than buying from the company and waiting at least three months to get the order delivered.  So, I was faced with paying the real price or paying the speculative price.  Though the delay costs me potential revenue, I decided to buy at the retail price and wait.

Of the hundreds and hundreds of crypto coins on the market, they are not fixed to a certain price valuation.  Troptions differs from the rest because they are tied to a real financial calculation.  

The Troptions index adjusts based on the volume of trades by a growing number of Troptions traders.  That is a real measure by an index that tracks actual transfers of Troptions trades.  The constant exchange of Troptions in hundreds and thousands of trades each day is not guesswork or speculation.  Real goods and services are being traded, and the volume and size of those trades creates an honest and fair valuation for Troptions.

If you heard of Troptions before, the one type is Troptions for commodities meaning the type that was designed for trading, not Tron or AUS.  Troptions Gold is the XCP that has been slowly catching fire and seems destined to explode out of the barter or trade exchange community.