Spendable Cryptocurrency

Spendable Cryptocurrency

If cryptocurrency is a "form of currency" who isn't it spendable?  If I go to Mexico, I may need to change U.S. dollars to pasos.  In England, I easier to exchange dollars to Pounds, and in Europe I'll need Euros to easily buy what I want.  These are the spendable currencies you may need depending on the country.  Spendable cryptocurrency currency is anything easily exchanged to buy what you need.  If you have to go through an exchange to spend the currency can be inconvenient.

Bitcoin was one of the first to break the barrier of spendable cryptocurrency, but it wasn't the first.  Barter using cryptocurrency tokens was the first time this barrier was broken, and the earlier token was Troptions.  This was a historic event that predated Bitcoin and Ethereum by five years.

The remarkable fact is that exchanging currency to make it spendable is wasted effort and extra cost.  Troptions may eventually exchange with other currencies, but that isn't as important as the fact is that Troptions are spendable in a better way than cash.  When Troption holders wake up to the reality may be a little used idea that Trade Options (aka Troptions) are a direct exchange type of currency, the need to exchange for another currency is needless.

Instead of the singular focus on changing cryptocurrency to cash (a taxable event) to make a purchase, THINK about a TRADE EXCHANGE (non-taxable event) to exchange for anything you want.

Compare $1000 in cash compared to $1000 in Troptions using the trade exchange or barter process.  You move to California and want to buy a surf board.  Surprisingly, you find the perfect surf board on sale for $1000.  To buy the surf board with Etherium, Dogecoin, or Pokadot, you need to move the crypto to a cash account and make payment.

Or.... you find a fantastic surf board by a seller willing to take cryptocurrency.  Instead of paying the $1000 plus taxes from the store, you pay the other seller by a quick exchange of Troptions from your digital wallet to his.  And, there are no taxes required because this was actually a barter exchange.  Perfectly legal and non-taxed.