The Creative Nature of Troptions

For many Troptions are rather like standing in front of a blank canvas.  Most of us are unskilled and even clueless about where to start an oil painting, and so why try?  That was my opinion until I saw William Alexander paint a beautiful landscape in under thirty minutes.  After watching William Alexander create a dozen pictures and understanding a few techniques, I tried oil painting following the Bill Alexander guidance.

Actually, the first efforts were disappointing, but then I got better.  Some painting were actually pretty good, and I was pleased.  

The analogy to painting is the same as the experience with Troptions or other cryptocurrency strategies.  There are some very talented people out there doing fantastic work, and the rest of us are quite impressed but clueless of how we might do the same.  The fact is that we still haven't mastered the buying and selling of stock even with Stash and Robinhood.

So, if you hold Troptions, let's start simply.  Troptions (TRade Options) can be held for growth.  Troptions have a good history of growth, and many Troptions are holding onto their assets to leverage the underlying growth in value.  But, that leaves open the question of how to benefit from the growth.  

If you traded for $1000 of Troptions a few years ago, they may now be worth $10,000 or more in value.  However, you can't easily trade your Troption out for cash, which is true for many cryptocurrencies.  The original concept of Troptions is that they were meant as trade or barter assets.  

As in the William Alexander illustration, he had refined his talents to paint fantastic painting in less than an hour.  With some failures and less but pretty good success, I was able to produce some oil paintings as well.  And, I can proudly say that my wife thought that they were beautiful.  In fact, I did "Okay".

The skill of the master dealmakers in Troptions is the they learned by doing.  If Bitcoin can buy so many things, so can Troptions.  So, these breakthrough types mastered a simple phrase like, "Are those for sale?  How much are you looking to sell that for?  Would you be open to selling for cryptocurrency?"

Okay, you just saw the William Alexander version of trading Troptions.  Was the very hard to figure out?  Maybe, you need only three basic questions to actually start as an apprentice Troptions trader.  In fact, anyone can do the very same thing.

The other virtue you should possess is the provision to hear "No" more than a few times before you hear yes.  But, that yes will be only the first of many that will come as you hone your trading skills.  This same skill is easy to pass along because there is one fact that I am fully convinced is universal.  "We all have something of value that we can sell or trade."

Fro those who doubt it, look on eBay, Craigslist, or Facebook to find people selling all kinds of stuff they no longer need.  

For the novice, register free of charge at where you will be able to post offers and make purchases or trades. is what we call a "Crypto Barter" market where anyone can try their trading skills.  Why?  Because everyone in this platform like cryptocurrency and are option to friendly negatiations for a vast array of items.