Senators say the $3.5T bill mean Less Dollars Available

Barter and Inflation

Regardless of the rhetoric, the huge $3.5 proposed bill is that the multiple tax increases will suck up an immense amount of revenue to pay for the expanded governmental programs.  Senators and gongressment are warning that this new bufget program will be extremely inflationary and will remove available cash from the economy.

Basic economics shows us is that when there are less dollars in the free market, greater tax that sucks up cash, and even greatere regulation; the average family is going to suffer a loss of purchasing power.  

Let’s look at the cost of a one pound loaf of white bread over a twenty-five year period. In January of 1988, the United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Statistics, indicates that a loaf of white bread cost approximately 59¢. In January of 2013, that same loaf of bread cost $1.42. Thus, in the twenty-five year period, the bread increased 83¢ or rose by 140%. 

Government taxation is a drain on our economy and that is why the belief that less governmental intervention into the free market is better than a "Cradle to Grave" approach that expects government to solve more lifestyle issues that civilized people can accomplish locally.

As we all see the Inflation Storm approaching, we are wondering what we should do to survive the trouble already on the way.  Some are buying silver and gold.  Others are cutting the spending plans and looking to trim weekly expenses.  

What one senator recently said was that the days of barter as a necessary skill.  That is both amazing and practical.  It is best to get your barter skills in place before the storm hits.  The first issues is that barter is a community activity, not a governmental agency that frustrates the process.

Xctra Buyer's Clubs are the answer as local communities come toghether to develop the connection between people and resources.  The Xctra Buyer's Clubs are unique in several ways.  First of all, these Buyer's Clubs are not exclusive either to consumers or merchants.  While all other barter clubs are primarily or even exclusively for area businesses, merchants and service providers are about 5% of the community population.

Xctra Buyer's Clubs typically start out as consumers who are learning and using our online market and free phone app to discover how to actually buy and sell without using 100% cash.  The club is also eager to invite the participation of businesses and service providers to the group.  This is 100% inclusion and easy participation as the early foundations are developed.

The old barter system is greatly improved by a free phone app that has the normal B2B provision for businesses to barter goods and services with other businesses using trade credits.  But, the phone app has a B2C and C2B provision that allows customers to earn and spend trade credits at the stores for what they need.  This brings everyone to the table and provides an amazing variety of goods and services that can be obtained without spending 100% cash.

Better yet, the Xctra market is found online and on the phone app where many items and services are made available.  We believe that nearly anything can be acquired by barter or trade.  We are only limited by our own beliefs that cash is the only negotiable method of exchange.  When we open the door to trade and barter, there is a world of opportunity that does not require dollars to obtain.