How to Use Troptions

Trading TroptionsAlthough Troptions are a cryptocurrency, they were created more than fifteen years ago as a trade asset. This fact explains in part how to use Troptions. The original purpose was that Troptions were a substitute for cash and should be used as a means of exchange.  For those familiar with barter systems, Troptions are a method of exchange that is more expansive than barter points.

Here's the challenge. Every currency is only as useful as the acceptance or expanded use of the trade asset.  Imagine trying to buy gold in from a Brazilian native with paper currency that they had never seen.  The currency is accepted by millions elsewhere but receives a cold rejection by the Brazilian man who worked hard to find the gold.

Any currency, whether paper, plastic, digital, or cryptocurrency, improves in value by widespread adoption or acceptance.  As more and more people adopt or accept a medium of exchange, broad acceptance gives any currency greater credibility.  So, if I were a baker, could I develop a circle of trade by offering my baked goods for other things I need?  Sure I could, but I know that some people will not accept my trade offer.  The rejection of some does not annul the viability of my baked goods exchanges.

To appreciate Troptions, it is important to understand the growing adoption or acceptance rate.  Consider a tight circle example of value.  If I use a crypto barter concept for my bakery, the company that supplies the flour agrees to accept Troptions for the next delivery of flour.  The flour company pays the mechanic that repairs their delivery truck in Troptions.  The mechanic buys a used car from a person for Troptions, fixes it up, and sells it to me because I need a used car for my son.  

When a community has many people willing to trade with Troptions, there are many paths for Troptions to flow much like cash might.  The program increases everyone's purchase power and increase the level of active commerce in the community.  As things change hands, the economy is boosted.  In tight money time, sales slow and the economy suffers.  Unless there is another way to keep the flow of commerce moving and people can still get what they need.

Looking closer, the paper dollar is valueless if it can't be exchanged, right?  Likewise, a coin or token is not what some call "Legal Tender", which means the government says it has value for purchases and sales.  The only question is if consumers and businesses accept the trade asset.  Legal tender is still volatile, subject to inflation, and is controlled through bank policies.

Troptions can work as well as gold or silver as a way to pay for goods and services.  You know that gold and silver are a metal someone dug out of the earth.  To be flippant about using gold and silver, we are trading rocks for stuff.  That's a little comical, but I understand that gold and silver are a rare metal.

There is a very real chance to build an Xctra Buyer's Club in your area using Troptions and trade currency to buy and sell literally anything.  If a small buyer's club at first, we have an exciting program that allows your small group to grow with more than 100 local buyers and dozens of local businesses that understand how to buy and sell regardless of the value of cash or the threat of recession.