Start a Cryptocurrency Buyer's Club in Your Community

Cryptocurrency tradingAnyone jumping into the ocean of information and innovation of cryptocurrency will be instantly over their head in information and new ideas.  The speed of cryptocurrency inventions is like drinking from a firehose.  While it is one thing to "Buy and Hold" some types of cryptocurrency, this strategy can be a volatile coaster ride that ranges from big profits to big losses in a single day.

Lextra Rewards has brought the high technology to everyday application that is intended to (1) improve your everyday spending power, and (2) provide simple steps to master the practical uses of trade exchanges and digital currency.  There is a third element that anyone can do which is buy and hold the cryptocurrency, but that isn't nearly as much fun.

We invite positively-driven types to consider starting a Xctra Buyer's Club with a few like-minded people who really don't want to be left out of the next financial boom that is creating a new generation of wealth.  Think of this process as a kind of "Buyer's Club" where everyone benefits and business find resources that boost their traffic, profits, and allows them to conserve their cash by learning non-cash trading with digital currency.  

Each Xctra Buyer's Club has a Manager who coordinates events, educates members, and passes out rewards.  We want the buyer's club to be fun and rewarding.  For example, how about $100 in crypto for bringing someone to the monthly meeting?  Or, who wouldn't want $1000 in crypto for bringing a business into the group?  After all, what business does want a growing group of local customers doing business in their store because they offer PTS credit points for every purchase?

So, the Buyer's Club idea is powerful.  Unlike business groups or barter groups, the Lextra Hub includes customers and businesses.  Frankly, this is better than your local business referral group, barter club, or chamber of commerce because real and frequent business is happening every day.  If businesses commit to the program, marketing costs go down and business deals increase.

With good conversation skills, it seem an easy lift to encourage non-business people to upload a free app that earns digital currency at local stores.  From there, we offer tools to turn their new skills to buy goods and services with non-cash credits, and to even learn advanced bartering skills.

For the businesses that connect to our Buyer's Club, they have a favored relationship in the group and enthusiastic customers who earn cryptocurrency with every purchase.  In turn the customer uses the same app to spend his/her crypto at other stores in the community.  So, the more stores in the group, the more people earn and spend their points.  

Well, it gets better!  What does a business or customer do it they have a lot of extra digital credits?  They can TRADE/BARTER those credits to buy things without cash.  If you have a painter in your group, he could take part or all his pay in barter points, then spend those points in local restaurants, to buy tires for his truck, pay the local chiropractor, or even trade for paint at the paint store.  

Gold cryptoThis system is a microcosm or circle of activity.  The smaller the circle, the less fun and profit there will be.  The larger the circle, the more fun and profit there will be for all involved.

With the Xctra system, everyone wins.  We have made the process simple, easy to follow, and a lot of fun.  At some point, we will introduce Lextra Gold that operates a lot like Pokemon with locations to visit to collect money, gifts, crypto, and ..... real gold.  Yes, real gold just for playing a game on your phone to locate stashes of prizes, rewards, and .... real GOLD.

Xctra Buyer's Club require no upfront investment.  In fact, we show you how your lextra hub can be very, very profitable for those who understand the value of an active business climate, can learn a little techno-knowledge, and have true personality-plus attributes.

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