Can They Stop Cryptocurrency?

The news that El Salvador has now made Bitcoin an official currency has rattled a few naysayer and doom prophets.  Cryptocurrency was an idea that should have not survived birth and certainly not early childhood.  Cryptocurrency has now powered its way into banks, investment portfolios, business exchanges, and even Elon Musk has made cryptocurrency a substantial part of his portfolio.  Elon predicts actually selling Tesla cars for cryptocurency.

But, what cryptocurrency predates Bitcoin and Etherium?  The answer is Troptions (aka Trade Options).  This unique token is part of the sector of "Proof of Use" coins intended to greatly facilitate the non-cash barter market.  Though there is much growth anticipated, the growth and acceptance has been remarkable.

Barter or trade options are not like cash, stocks, or bonds.  They were intended to create a viable and robust exchange of goods with no government intervention or insidious taxation.  Troptions are, in fact, a superior type of cryptocurrencies because they serve a unique niche that "Proof of Work" or "Proof of Stake" coins do not.

Proof of use and proof of stake are considered securities and ultimately regulated and unkindly taxed.  They may be used for purchase with many companies, but the common folk like you and I are but a small cog in a great machine.  As a peer-to-peer exchange token, the common man has total access to the system and is invited to use this powerful tool to obtain goods and service and create wealth with no limitaitons.

The Crypto Trade Bank provides the tools to start a fantastic new adventure.  We provide the Troptions, the markting platforms, extra bonus, a national network, and the basic guidance to create a business hub to those who are passionate about seizing the moment and obvious opportunity to change their part of the world.