The Better Barter Club is Here

Better Barter ClubThere is no doubt, Barter Club's are fantastic when the members embrace and use the process.  The challenge then is keeping the energy high and the exchange process vital.  Barter clubs thrive on energy and commitment to the cause; but in the busy and crazy world of business chores, people begin to neglect this very good idea.

Here's two reason that barter club's start to lose steam.  There are too few members and there is no a daily activity as a thriving program.  Barter communities are better when more people are in the system.  

Barter clubs are "Closed Communities" meaning that they are "Business Only" operations.  This is a B2B program.   By percentage, the number of businesses in an area would be less than 5% of the population, and they are always super busy.  

Buyer's Club, by comparison, are open and beneficial to everyone in the community.  The singular mission of a Buyer's Club is to financially improve the lives of every person, including every business.  So, the better system is not only B2B, but B2C (Business to Customer) as well and C2B.  Why not let everyone in on the program and allow more people to greatly improve their finances?

Xctra Buyer's Clubs are a huge step forward of the very old concept of trade or barter.  The program starts with mostly consumers who use our free phone app to earn and spend MTX (mini-Troptions) credits instead of buying with 100% cash.  Everyone learns that spending MTX credits is super easy and reduces the drain of cash from their wallet.  The idea is to improve the "Buying Power" of everyone.

Once the Buyer's Club grows in size, businesses will want these local buyers to do business in their store.  So, stores offer MTX credits with every purchase that can be used in that or other stores in the area instead of 100% cash expenditures.  the whole process is infectious.  As stores accumlate MTX credits, they can use them in B2B barter exchanges.  With the Xctra Buyer's Club, everyone wins because they can keep their cash in their wallet.

Instead of 5% of the community in the system who benefits, 100% of the concerned people in the community discover the power of using a non-cash system that allows people to ignore inflation, survive hard times, and thrive in good times.  Customers using the Xctra phone app have access to the Xctra market where they can make offers, collect MTX credits, and trade for what they need.  They dispaly their QR code on their phone at the time of purchase to earn more MTX credits that grows rapidly.  

Xctra Buyer's Clubs offer advanced barter tools with the renown and respected crypto call "Troptions".  Troptions are a quantum step to freelance trade exchanges that can be used to buy vehicles, jewelry, cars, boats, or anything of value.  Xctra Buyer's Club