Barter is an Important Skill

Barter is NegotiationsI believe that the ability to negotiate with people is a fantastic and necessary skill.  It seems to me to be a life skill.  As someone teaching the art of sales, I see the foundations of getting people to find a common benefit in a good deal.

Even my wife and I must negotiate what think is a good decision with what she sees as a good idea.  I negotiate a variety of issues with many people every week.  Call it negotiation, trade, fair exchange, or barter.  It's pretty much the same thing where I give what I have for what another has.

Barter is a fantastic tool and something we all need.  Without negotiation or mutual agreements, we are isolated and inconsiderate people who seem stubborn and even selfish.  A good deal is when both people agree and feel like they benefit from the trading of ideas.

I believe everyone should improve their negotiation or barter skills.  Sales, barter, trading starts with considering what the other person has or needs.  When I see a lack or an asset someone has, I may find that I have what that person needs that can be traded.

Money can do the same.  People need money so they trade their work, skills, or goods to get money.  Simple, right?  But, money the only negotiable thing we have simply because it is the common negotiable tool?

Negotiating a deal should be an enjoyable opportunity to meet and explore the options and opportunities that life offers.  Okay, it's a little scary to explore what's on the other side of the curtain.  The negotiations could fall short or be unsuccessful.  Such is life, but so is our luck at fishing.  If I go fishing, I don't always seem to have what the fish want.  I just try another place and another day.

The Xctra Buyer's Club creates a positive mentality that barter or trades are a normal part of life.  The more people that get involved, the more opportunities there are and the more successful deals are made.  If only two or three people are ready and willing to make trades, the process is slow or hard to find.  

When more and more people step into the arena, the concept turns from a chore to excitement.  The best trades happen when both sides feel like they got what they wanted.  There is a much higher level of satisfaction from a successful trade than handing over your hard-earned cash to buy what you want.  

Start an Xctra Buyer's Club in your area using a system that is ready to go.  This is a growing trend that needs to exist everywhere.  Xctra Buyer's Club