Barter is Community instead of Politics

Barter is BetterDuring a few years in eastern Pennsylvania, I learned about "Inversions".  Air can be trapped in a valley between mountains and creates a kind of dome.  Because this was coal country, that dome could actually be seen as an arching band below and sky and clouds above.  What would happen is that weather systems and fresher air slide over the domed inversions and the air quality below wasn't as good.

Barter systems do not work best over long distances, but are most effective within a community.  And, when the political and economic winds turn bad, local communities can survive bad times by strengthening the natural needs and resources that they already possess.  Barter is about community and trading goods and services work nicely when the government currency and jobs are in short supply.

Forming an Xctra Buyer's Club is a good idea today and a fantastic idea in times of economic woe.  When we do not have cash to spend, we all have goods and services that can be used instead.  The trouble with raw barter deals is the task of trading a cow and chicken.  You can do a fair trade unless you have a hundred chickens or try to slice two stakes from the cow.  

Trade credits provide a similar medium to fractionalize the trade values.  You can't buy a gumball for a dollar, but if you fractionalize a dollar into twenty five cent coins, you can buy a gumball.  Trade credits (Troptions) are held in your digital wallet.  If you want to trade for food, goods, or service; you need to offer something.  You can offer cash, gold, silver, or digital tokens like Troptions.  Troptions can be paid in fractions for a chicken or a whole token may buy a cow.

If the goods that you need are in the next town or state, barter becomes more difficult.  By forming a barter hub (community), people post up what they have that others may need of want on the Xctra market (like eBay for Barter).  Now, everyone can find the multitudes of goods that they need and negotiate a fair trade using the medium of trade credits.  That is why the Lextra market allows everyone to quickly get the attention of thousands of buyers, locally and nationally.

To form a Xctra Buyer's Club, you will need a few good people with a heart for helping their community and each other in good and bad times.  When sanctioned, your hub will enjoy the promotions and tools to build a crypto barter network that includes ordinary people, service providers, retail businesses, restaurants, and professionals.  Other barter clubs are essentially closed to non-business participation. 

We make the whole process fun and profitable.  Training is online, we give out crypto to attending the monthly meeting, bringing a friend, or connecting a business to group.  The process is intended to be infectious and teaches everyone a powerful skill.  That is "How to get what you want without spending your cash reserves."  Xctra has already create the platform for digital exchanges and an easy-to-use marketplace to post and find whatever you need at using a free app (