Bryan Stone, President and Crypto-Pioneer

Bryan StoneAnyone who encounters Bryan Stone, knows that he is a tireless advocate of Troptions and perpetuates the vision of Garland Morris.  In the early days, Garland promoted the concept of trade options as an alternate method to the cash system.  Bryan has lead the way in the use of Troptions to acquire a wide variety of items.  Troptions have been used to acquire real estate, vehicles, boats, jewelry, supplement balance sheets, and acquire a business.

In 2021, Bryan has provided new opportunities for Troptions holders.  The latest partnership has been the development of Xctra Market, a crypto barter, platform where it is easy to start with a simple level of trading that can lead to advanced trading that are amazing accomplishments.  It is free to join the Xctra platform and begin your experience of buying and selling nearly anything without using cash.

Even better, it is possible for business-minded individuals to start an Xctra Buyer's Club in their community and inherit a powerful software with phone apps that make crypto barter fun and very, very rewarding. 

Whether you are ready for advanced trade exchanges with Troptions or want to start with simple methods to improve your life with exciting crypto options, we invite your to check out  You literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain if you learn how to use the Troptions and trade exchanges to get anything you need and want without spending cash.