Garland Harris, Founder of Troptions

Garland HarrisNearly all cryptocurrencies had a tenuous history of legal battles, acceptance in the financial sectors, and some unfortunate cryptocurrency failures.  But they have now become a reality in all types of financial and trade transactiosn.  Needless to say, Troptions has had to prove its value through the test of time as well.  Garland Harris formed Troption nearly twenty years ago and pioneered its early history.  In fact, Troptions predate Bitcoin and Etherium, which also haa been criticized for many reasons and is now a legitimate currency in the country of El Salvador with more countries and investment firms to follow.

Garland was an outstanding spokesperson and very competent in the development of Troptions.  Nonetheless, Troptions came under fire by the Missouri SEC and was roundly accused as a misleading and fraudulent security.  Garland fought this battle and responded with solid legal grounds that lead eventually to the "Motion to Dismiss the Complaint" which was affirmed on May 28th, 2019.  This was a big and powerful victory for Troptions as a substantial cryptocurrency that is transaction more the $9 billion of trades each month.

So, any question of legitimacy is fully resolved and Troptions are both legal and a reputable crytocurrency although some people do not get or like cryptocurrency and post criticisms behind anonymous accounts.  

However, the next controversy concerned the exchange of Troptions as though it was a typical financial instrument like a bond, stock, or debt instrument.  Most cryptocurrencies have struggled with their ability to freely convert to cash or spendable currency.  To that end, Troptions were not created to be a cash equivalent.  Troptions were developed for barter or trade exchanges.  It's purpose though the value has historically gone up, was as a medium of trade or barter.  There is not a strong intent to treat Troptions as cash.

Troptions trade on the blockchain network, and it current value is tied to the ongoing trades that handle billions worth of exchanges per month.  This means that, unlike so many other cryptocurrencies that are mostly speculative, Troptions has a real and proven value represented by the assets exchanged in exchange for Troptions.  

Garland Harris died at age 66 on January 18th, 2020, however he left an amazing legacy as one of the pioneers of cryptocurrency.  Garland was succeeded by Bryan Stone who is now the principal of the Troptions program.  

There is no true company managing Troptions.  As other cryptocurrencies, Troptions are a peer-to-peer trade exchange where Troption owners use these crypto assets to exchange for goods and services hundreds of time each day.  When asked whether Troptions are worthless, that is probably a better question asked of governmental currency that are steadily losing value due to inflation.  The evidence of value is that Troptions are valued, not by speculative investors, but by the actual trade exchanges that happen everry day.

Troptions are very real, have a great past history and present operation, and the exchanges are independent operations that provide a independent, third-party validation index that tracks every Troptions exchange.  These records are public, proven, and frankly unquestionable.  Troptions have real value and the value has consistently grown over the years.  

Can you cash out of Troption into cash?  Not at this time, but that may well happen soon.  Most investors have accounts well above their initial price.  So, it is reasonable that they can be sold to someone who learns of the growth potential and purchase power of Troptions.  Hence, "Cashing Out" is a real possbility even until an exchange program facilitates this process.

The power of troptions is the ability to trade for what you want in an ever-increasing population of crypto smart people who see good reason to trade a used motorcycle for Troptions.  While the value of the motorcycle will gradually decrease, the expectation is that the Troptions will inccrease in value.  At another time, that person may exchange his Troptions to buy the car of his dreams.  The thrill of this story is neither exchanged required one dollar of payment.

We all pay tribute to Garland Harris who was a gentle but powerful force that has made life better for thousands and thousands of people.