Is Troptions a Scam?

There has been sporadic questions about the validity of cryptocurrency over the years, and Troptions has been the target of some negative remarks as well.  It helps to fully consider that people have tried investing in stock with bad success, investing in a startup business, or even buying gold when it was on a high only to see it drop later. 

Bitcoin was not always the wonder-crypto it is today.  It had some bad times and some people were scammed.  Everyone using Troptions know that some people "Just don't Get it"!  The fungibility of cryptocurrency (ability to exchange it) has been an awkward part of the maturing process.  

Troptions have had its bad days of hostile critics.  Notably, the Missouri SEC filed a complaint against Garland Harris, the founder, and Troptions.  Claiming that some Troptions holders felt that the coins had not value, the SEC came after Troptions.  Garland responded to the complaint in 2019 in a full-stated argument that Troptions were never intended to be a security or a traditional financial instrument.  Troptions were declared a "Proof of Use" coin not to be treated as a "Proof of Stake" coin.  

This misunderstanding is like confusing an emerald from a diamond.  Both have their value, but they are not the same composition.  It is foolish to think that we should throw away the emeralds because they are not valued or appreciated like a diamond.  When fully considered, there are people who love emeralds, some who love diamonds, and some who love them both.

So, what is a proof of use coin compared to a proof of stake coin?  

A proof of stake coin is when a person pays money to buy the coin as a kind of investment.  The hope for the proof of stake coin is that it will grow in value, much like a good stock.  The owner hopes to diversify their holdings and realize a gain in due time.

A proof of use coin is intended to be a medium of exchange that is used in trade for goods and service without using money.  In the belief that there is already a non-cash economy in many business sectors, the opportunity to provide a medium of exchange other than cash is an honest idea.  You see, when people exchange goods and services, the exchange of these goods or service may not be equal.  If I need a set of tires for my car and you want to trade four tires for a gold ring, the deal is lopsided in value.

Using either cash or Troptions, we can fractionalize (divide) the items of the trade to make the exchange more equal.  Any excess remains and may be used on the next exchange.

The big misunderstanding is believing that all cryptocurrency is fungible.  They are not, and some are just starting to enjoy more exchange opportunities.  The recent excitement over NFT coins demonstrates how there is no need to convert to cash to purchases and services.  NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) are used to buy art, music, concert tickets, and pre-purchase rights for an pending IPO.  Check it out, because the NFT is an exploding application that Troptions now offer for the real goods and services that we all need to sustain a normal life.

There will be a day when Troptions may exchange for cash, but their earliest intent were for use as non-cash exchanges for the necessities of normal life.  The failure happens because people mistakenly buy Troptions as an investment and miss the real purpose intended.

Troptions have their value in a community that shares and benefits from an active trade or barter system.  If you want to discover a powerful wealth-building program that conserves your cash, provides a better life, and can build your wealth; contact one of our team members.  What many ignorantly call a scam is actually a goldmine of incredible value that is only improved by sharing that opportunity and wealth with others.