Surviving the Next Inflation Event

Surviving InflationAs we close out 2021, we are feeling the impact of inflation with dire warnings that things inflation is going to drastically cut the "Buying Power" of everyone.  If you are wealthy, you can ride out the storm, but the average family and most businesses are in for some rough times.

Inflation is a somewhat deceptive word.  The dollar is not inflating, but prices are inflating and the dollar is deflating.  Essentially, it will take more dollars to buy what you need meaning that the dollar is worth less and less every time the inflation ticks goods and service ever higher.

If you are not among the wealthy and very wealthy, you are the sinking ship called "Barely Getting By".  So, will you stay fully dependent on dollars as the ship takes on water or change the game in your favor?  This is not a decision that can be made in the desperation of an economic crisis.  This is an insurance policy that you can survive and actually do well when the dollar deflates or a real depression hits.

Okay, does that mean that crypto barter is a "Prepper Idea"?  Maybe.  So is buying gold and silver, stocking a supply of emergency food, paying off debts, and installing an emergency generator for electricity.  Even the Bible says, "Lazy hands make for poverty, but diligent hands bring wealth."

Inflation, recession, and an economic depression are no longer part of history, the insidious concept of "The Great Reset" and the transfer of wealth is beating on our door and it is foolish to ignore the trouble that awaits the unprepared.

How do we survive inflation?  Other than planting a garden and eliminating debt, the oldest and more proven system to get whatever you need is to trade for those things.  This is called barter by some, trade exchanges by others, or simple trading to most people.  

We strongly suggest that trade and barter is something to master .... TODAY.  It works nicely in good times, and it can be an absolute necessity in bad times.

Please understand that that barter is not difficult when it is popularized in a community.  We teach people how to master cryptobarter and to build a community that profits from barter in amazing ways.  In fact, creating a barter group of area consumers and businesses is both fun and profitable.  The website incentives are just a small example of making this process a enjoyable effort.

Finally, trading or barter has one basic hindrance.  We call it the "Chicken and the Cow" example.  You can't trade a chicken for a cow.  So we need a process or tool to fractionalize (break into parts) the trade values.  A $100 bill can be broken into 100 dollar bills.  But, then we are back into inflation issues.  Troptions is a cryptocurrency that was literally invented for trade exchanges or barter.  Using a digital wallet on your phone allows what we call peer-to-peer exchanges between people, whether $5 or $500,000.

We are building Xctra Vuyer's Clubs in a variety of locations across the country.  We use online training and support to develop a Hub that profits everyone.  In fact, we put up to $50,000 behind your success.  It is likely that there are a lot more barter-friendly people in yor city than you expect.  

Take our free training program and we will award you with $100 in cryptocurrency.  Enter your email on this site for the chance to win $1000 cryptocurrency given away each month.  Surviving inflation is a serious concern that is more real today than in the last sixty years.  Join our community of people and business who want to survive and prosper in good times or bad.