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The Superior Cryptocurrency, Troptions

Like it or not, digital currency is the future and cash is becoming a relic of the past.  The epitome of digital currency is cryptocurrency, it is now called "The People's Currency".  This is not a supply that the banks control, though they hope to.  However, the trend of the best cryptocurrencies are to operate as "Decentralized Currencies" or "DeFi" that do not allow one company, bank system, or country to control the currency.

The Velocity of Money and Trade Options

Without making this comlicated, it will help each of us to understand the principle of the "Velocity of Money".  This will seriously affect your life as economic trends, inflation, the national debt, and excessive taxes tend to shrink the cash flow of the typical family.  You may have no control over the tides of economic idiocy, but you can take strides today to be less impacted by inflation, taxation, and shortage by using well-proven, alternative money strategies.

Is Troptions a Scam?

There has been sporadic questions about the validity of cryptocurrency over the years, and Troptions has been the target of some negative remarks as well.  It helps to fully consider that people have tried investing in stock with bad success, investing in a startup business, or even buying gold when it was on a high only to see it drop later.