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Potential Tax Considerations for Cryptocurrency

There are some interesting tax options when it comes to various forms of cryptocurrency.  For example, while you hold a cryptocurrency, it is treated like a stock.  Regardless of gain or loss you may enjoy while owning the cryptocurrency, there are no taxes due.  However, when you liquidate an investment into cash, the gain or loss is subject to taxation.  This is true for cryptocurrency as well.  You will need to know your initial investment and the ending value which you would include in your annual tax reporting.

The Rise of Digital Currency

Digital CurrencyIn the exploding world of robotics, artificial intelligence, self-driving cars, and digital currency; this generation is awash with life-changing innovations.  It is hard to imagine an era that has experienced such changes other than by a world war.  If you think in terms of things that impacted society, the discovery of electricity, the invention of television, or landing on the moon; seem dwarfed by what is happening at lightning speed in this explosion of digital innovations.

Start a Cryptocurrency Buyer's Club in Your Community

Cryptocurrency tradingAnyone jumping into the ocean of information and innovation of cryptocurrency will be instantly over their head in information and new ideas.  The speed of cryptocurrency inventions is like drinking from a firehose.  While it is one thing to "Buy and Hold" some types of cryptocurrency, this too is a volatile coaster ride that ranges from big profits to big losses in a single day.

Lextra Rewards has brought the high technology to everyday application that is intended to (1) improve your everyday spending power, and (2) provide simple steps to master the practical uses of trade exchanges and digital currency.  There is a third element that anyone can do which is buy and hold the cryptocurrency, but that isn't nearly as much fun.

Surviving the Next Inflation Event

Surviving Inflation CryptocurrencyAs we close out 2021, we are feeling the impact of inflation with dire warnings that things inflation is going to drastically cut the "Buying Power" of everyone.  If you are wealthy, you can ride out the storm, but the average family and most businesses are in for some rough times.

Inflation is a somewhat deceptive word.  The dollar is not inflating, but prices are inflating and the dollar is deflating.  Essentially, it will take more dollars to buy what you need meaning that the dollar is worth less and less every time the inflation ticks goods and service ever higher.

Spendable Cryptocurrency

Spendable Cryptocurrency

If cryptocurrency is a "form of currency" who isn't it spendable?  If I go to Mexico, I may need to change U.S. dollars to pasos.  In England, I easier to exchange dollars to Pounds, and in Europe I'll need Euros to easily buy what I want.  These are the spendable currencies you may need depending on the coutry.  Spendable cryptocurrency currency is anything easily exchanged to buy what you need.  If you have to go through an exchange to spend the currency can be inconvenient.

The Story of Barter Town

Imagine a frontier town where the people of this modest community make their living by hunting, farming, raising livestock, chopping wood, and plain hard work.  When in need of help or some commodity, they shared what they have or trade with another person.  While the commodity was small, one-to-one barter was fairly simple, and there was the occasional bazaar where there was opportunity to conduct business more easily.

Barter is Community instead of Politics

Barter is BetterDuring a few years in eastern Pennsylvania, I learned about "Inversions".  Air can be trapped in a valley between mountains and creates a kind of dome.  Because this was coal country, that dome could actually be seen as an arching band below and sky and clouds above.  What would happen is that weather systems and fresher air slide over the domed inversions and the air quality below wasn't as good.

What is Crypto Barter?

Crypto Barter with CryptoCurrencyCrypto barter is yet another road to explore in the new world of Cryptocurrency.  Cryptocurrency can digitally accomplish everything that cash can do, but is capable of doing it more efficiently and greater speed.  For example banks have sped up their process with computer and Internet-aided services, but cryptocurrency has no tellers, no need for ATMs, or cash back during a purchase.

Regardless of the banking elite, cryptocurrency is here to stay and cash mongers fear that there operations will do the way of 8 track tape players and CDs as people now eagerly learn to buy music, art, and even stock with NFTs and cryptocurrency.

A Layman's Explanation of the Blockchain

BlockchainThe blockchain is an amazing and complex network that is literally a marvel of our generation.  If you go to; you will see the actual blockchain in action.  As you can see from this chart, the lower right is every transaction as it happens.  Click one to see the details.  Think of these as a ledger of each transaction.  Each transaction is placed in the block (upper right) as it were a page in an immense library containing volumes of books.

Can They Stop Cryptocurrency?

The news that El Salvador has now made Bitcoin an official currency has rattled a few naysayer and doom prophets.  Cryptocurrency was an idea that should have not survived birth and certainly not early childhood.  Cryptocurrency has now powered its way into banks, investment portfolios, business exchanges, and even Elon Musk has made cryptocurrency a substantial part of his portfolio.  Elon predicts actually selling Tesla cars for cryptocurency.